Why Use the National Blogging Collaborative
The National Blogging Collaborative has created protocols to support organization of your writing piece. This service pairs you with a one-on-one writing coach and provides graphic organizers and templates to support you through the writing process from idea creation to publication. 
**The reality is no great writing is done in isolation. We want to collaborate and support you.** 

New to blogging?
NBC will help you find your passions and identify possible solutions to your problems of practice. Our coaches will support you in developing confidence and skills necessary to share your authentic voice.

Experienced blogger?
NBC protocols will help you to refine your writing and make it more intentional. Our coaches offer a sounding board for your ideas, a critical eye in the editing process, and one-on-one support that will take your writing to the next level.

Thinking about co-blogging?
NBC will help you to develop a true collaborative partnership. Our coaches will guide you in selecting the appropriate voice for your piece and offer one-on-one support as you navigate the choices and compromises you will need to make in order to reach consensus to develop a smooth and seamless piece of writing. 

Why Organizations and School Districts use the National Blogging Collaborative
NBC coaches are available to deliver dynamic professional development on everything from blogging as a reflective means to improve professional practice to helping teachers teach students how to blog. For a complete list of NBC consulting services, please email us.

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